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We are hard-wired to create.

You have your own path across the creative landscape.
Sometimes you lose your way, and
 can’t find the north star.
But it is always there. Your path is always under your feet.
No one else sees your particular constellation of interests, goals and creative desires.
No one else can create what you can.

Creative development- whatever stars make up your unique constellation and guide your choices - is why you are here.
Okay, you may be thinking-
Now what?
How can I actually move along, instead of endlessly frustrated?

All of us need outside help from time to time. We are social animals.
If you are stuck, you need an experienced guide who knows this territory well.
I’m the Inner Sherpa. Artist, teacher and fellow human being.
I help you find your creative path, and let go of the baggage you’ve been carrying for so long.
Result? Move across your own territory, feeling increasingly happy, successful and confident.
Be in touch.

“Wow, Tory, you seem so much more than a creativity coach, consultant etc. The work you do is transformative, deep, soul work. 

You really between the spaces and places, where very few people have the capacity to go or want to go.
You ask the Big Questions…. the really challenging, thought-provoking and sometimes-really-make-me squirm-in-my-seat questions – so necessary for growth, truth and the authentic life that I’m in search of.
I never knew these creative energies existed in me until I started working with you! 

Jeanne Dowd,

Identify your true goals.
Get yourself a compass and good directions.
Now journey toward your desires, with growing confidence in your abilities.
Even if you have no idea where that is, I do and I can help you get there. 


Work with me~ Travel light and fast toward your goals.
• Individual sessions:     $185 per session, 5 sessions prepaid receive $100 off, for $825. Phone, Skype, email.
• Private masterclasses:  $450 per day, all materials and lunch included, at my studio, any medium
• Group weeklong retreats: please go here for 2014 schedule. 

“Working with Tory was the best gift I ever gave myself!  It literally changed the way I think.
My first session was transformative: I couldn’t believe how cool it felt to follow Tory as she led me to new more positive patterns of thinking and doing.This is something I’ll go back to again and again, knowing Tory will be able tohelp me move forward.”  

Penne Mobley,


This is my territory. You belong here too.