Tory Hughes, Inner Sherpa 2013

Play this little game with me, okay?
~Tap your right foot on the floor a few times. You can be light and inconspicuous about it if you like.
~Tap your left foot on the floor a few times.
~Now tap the table a time or two. Add a pause in there if you feel like it.
Okay? Repeat the whole sequence, as closely you can.

You’ve created a little piece of music, a rhythm, a riff.
You’ve created. You are creative. Creating.
You own the verb.

What distinguishes your riff from mine is your own creative imprint.
You have a creative imprint like you have a thumbprint. You arrived with it.
Everyone has one.

I never knew these creative energies existed in me until I started working with you!”        Jeanne Dowd, www.jeannedowd.com

Of course you’re creative!  You create when you choose each morning what to wear. You create when you improvise conversations without a script. You create when you cook, garden, start a business, begin a friendship, dance with your sweetie or on your own.
What’s more amazing is that the way you do those things is uniquely yours.
Your individual creative imprint will show up in everything you do.
How to be more creative?

Be more You.

If you want help getting more You into your life and art, come this way.
If you’re all set, excellent. Go make stuff.